Can you imagine Staying in this moment forever The stillness and the warmth Of love, lust, desire, bliss Bodies intertwined for infinity All wrapped up in one Andreana.nic

stories of the moon

Have you ever sat with heartbreak many moons over due? Felt like your heart was aching beyond comprehension while reliving past experiences, remembering time spent and with who. Imagining where you’d be today if you had said “b” instead of “a”, gone ‘left’ instead of ‘right’. Retracing the moments that led up to what changed…

Fancy seeing you here!

The conversation ended with him suggesting we go out sometime for dinner or drinks, and me basically saying "I'll get back to you." Months went by and there a new message was in my inbox of him asking if he'd just seen me out wherever. Of course he didn't really think that but I guess he figured it was a surefire way of me responding. Thus the conversation leading him to ask what I had planned that night.
End of conversation...