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A Day in the Life Vlog

Here’s my first shot at vlogging with THREE kids. It was kind of tricky to figure out shooting with no tripod and working around a tired baby in pain who just wants cuddles but we got something completed and published. Art and Aoife were happy to record, help with some angles, and look forward to future vlogs..maybe.

Family Featuring Kids

How to minimize clutter, organize, and optimize your shared children’s room.

F*@%!!!! – Stepped on any toys recently? From Mega blocks to Barbie dolls. Death Legos and Hardened Play-doh. Kitchen Accessories mixed with Race Cars. Puzzle Pieces sprinkled on top of Hatchimals. Maybe Monopoly pieces smushed into some Stuffed Teddies? Let’s bring “Mom where’s my Spiderman??? I can’t find him anywhere!! I need it now!! Where did it go?!” to the party with “Please Dad can you find the cat with the stripes but not the whiskers that has the tail and not with the bow!?” *don’t forget the large order of tantrums* How about Mysterious Slime stuck to just about everything you own!! (Rubbing alcohol works for getting that out of clothes by the way)