I’m Andreana 🙂 My family and friends also call me Ana. I share my life with my husband and our 3 children we nicknamed ‘Pandas’. I’m just here intentionally living, sharing intimately and bonding truthfully.

Mother of Pandas

is my social media extension where I can express myself intimately and bond or share with people who have similar thoughts, ideas, struggles, and triumphs. 


motherhood and marriage, hair and beauty topics, my journey through depression/low-self worth to positive mental health, and anything under the sun that I have the urge to write about.

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Fancy seeing you here!

At the end of that month when he asked if I’d be up for something on my day off work, my response was “What’s that something?”. I’m sure a definitive answer of yes or no would’ve sufficed, no answer was again the route I took.

Marriage is one thing, but a baby?

The possibility and idea of being pregnant just weeks after a proposal from my boyfriend to spend our lives together seemed like the craziest of coincidences.

Self-Help Section

What matters most is that on the days when I feel I’m on my last strike – I take a deeper breath & let it all out, hug and kiss my family and remember that it’ll all be great.

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Daily Life

There is never a dull moment with these crazy guys. From the moment I met my husband through all the ups, downs, ins and outs!


Improving personal health one step at a time. Featuring DIY’s, talk therapy, hairstyles for natural hair, wellness, home etc etc.

YouTube Content

Natural hair tutorials, product review, daily vlogs, get ready with me’s

As a child I was basically ashamed of my natural hair that grew out of my head, that was passed down from my mother and ancestors, that I will in turn pass down to my children. All these years I was stuck in the mind state of thinking my kinks and curls were ugly and unmanageable. In reality I never took the time to understand how to even take care of my hair texture properly, to love and appreciate it. 

End of an era

I post them in celebration of myself. For self-love. They are a reflection of a moment in time that I felt happy & secure and loved who I was seeing in the mirror. A remembrance that I didn’t look in the mirror that morning & felt like garbage and continued to feel so regardless of what had to be done that day. Self-love is something I’ve finally started embracing now, at the age of 26.

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