A Day in the Life Vlog

Park life is the summertime Mom life.

Here’s my first shot at vlogging with THREE kids. It was kind of tricky to figure out shooting with no tripod and working around a tired baby in pain who just wants cuddles but we got something completed and published. Art and Aoife were happy to record, help with some angles, and look forward to future vlogs..maybe.

2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life Vlog

  1. Loved it! You’re doing great. I love the bandana bibs I got some as a gift for my little man and I was like WHAT!? They make these for babies! Lol I had no clue, maybe because I only had girls…*shrugs* I don’t know! 😆 He’s adorable and your family is beautiful! I vote for more blogs 👊🏾. You got this, WELCOME BACK! 🥂🎉


    1. Yesss those bibs are so cute. We were gifted some also then once he started teething I had to get more. I do have to refrain from buying him too much cute stuff though because he’s growing so fast out of everything. Thanks for your feedback and support! 💕👍🏼


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