Can you imagine Staying in this moment forever The stillness and the warmth Of love, lust, desire, bliss Bodies intertwined for infinity All wrapped up in one Andreana.nic

stories of the moon

Have you ever sat with heartbreak many moons over due? Felt like your heart was aching beyond comprehension while reliving past experiences, remembering time spent and with who. Imagining where you’d be today if you had said “b” instead of “a”, gone ‘left’ instead of ‘right’. Retracing the moments that led up to what changed…

One of many uses for that Liquid Gold: Breast Milk Baths for Babies

Like many breastfeeding Moms, throughout my breastfeeding journey I pumped to store milk should there ever be a situation I'm not able to immediately feed the baby. My issue each milk producing round (currently on number 3) has been that I'd been so tired or busy when transferring the milk from bottle that I forgot to label the pump dates.

Where’d my happy baby go? – The Wonder Weeks

Now with my eldest son, I was completely confused and dumbfounded when he was a baby and had drastic mood swings. Mainly because he was such calm and quiet baby so when he'd be crying more than from being hungry I was really concerned. When things seemed out of wack like him suddenly waking more frequently at night or him protesting and screaming bloody murder for a diaper change, I'd turn to google to figure out what was going on. I ended up finding baby forum chats about other parents going through similar events. The conclusion and answer to their baby's new behaviors was that they were in a leap!